Ann Midgely was born 6 Apr 1826 at Almondbury, Yorkshire, England. Daughter of Thomas Midgley and Ellen Hinchliffe. Her entire family joined the Mormon Church and wanted to come to Utah. Ann's father and brothers came ahead in 1850 and 1853. Ann, her mother, sister and younger brother sailed to America on the ship "Samuel Curling" in 1855.

In Mormon Grove, Kansas they were elected to travel with the last group to leave, this was the Milo Andrus's Company. On the plains many became sick with cholera and Ann's mother Ellen helped treat others until she also became sick with cholera and died on 4 Sep 1855 near Ash Hollow, Wyoming, Nebraska Territory. The Captain wanted to leave the body on the side of the road, but Ann would not leave her mother in this way. Another fellow traveler in the wagon train help to dig a hole and wrapped Ann's mother in a sheet and buried her. The wagon train continued on to Salt Lake City where Ann and her siblings met up with her father and brothers.

Ann met and married Henry Grow as a plural wife on 9 Nov 1856 in Salt Lake. They welcomed the birth of their only child on 24 November 1857 and named her Mary Ellen. Later when Henry married his step-daughter Julia Melville Veach on 16 August 1858, Ann left Henry and moved to Neph to stay with her father. She divorced Henry on 18 Sep 1858.

In Nephi she met and married Matthew McCune on 8 June 1859 in Salt Lake City. She later divorced him sometime before 1880.

Ann died 10 Jan 1911 in Nephi.