Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families Vol II page 767

Anthony Righter son of Peter and Elizabeth Tunis Righter also died before his father's will was made in 1817. His wife was named Rebecca. He was listed on the Roxborough Township tax assessors' lists in 1798 and 1799 as a carpenter. It was probably of this Anthony Righter that the minutes of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting stated 30 December 1800, "Plymouth informs that Anthony Righter hath accomplised his marriage with a woman not in membership an much neglects meetings. John Wilson and Thos. Lancaster to visit him," and 24 February 1801. "Anthony Righter does not attend meetings or manifest any disposition to condem his deviation Jos. Paul and David Shoemaker to prepare a testimony agst. him." 28 April 1801, Anthony Righter made no objection to the testimony against him. Anthony and Rebecca _____ Righter had one daughter: Elizabeth wo lived with her grandparents at the time Peter made his will.