Bartel Righter made his will, October, 1807, and probably died in 1809, for the will was probated 14 November 1809. It provided that his wife "Charlot" should hold for her use during her life all his estate, real and personal. He devised 25 pounds to each of his daughters to be paid when his youngest son should attain his 21st year. He gave his daughter Elizabeth his best feather bed, and 5 pounds to his grandson "Bartholamy Katch," when he should reach age 21. All the residue of his estate he gave to his 3 sons after the death of his wife. If the sons could not agree on the division of the land each was to choose a man, and these 3 with a surveyor were to make the partition, a drawing of lots to determine which portion each son should have. He appointed his son Rudolph and his friend George Jaret as executors. The inventory of his "goods and Chattels," made 28 October 1809 be George Grow and John Cochran, included besides household articles, smith tools worth $40, and farm animals, crops and equipment to a total value of $502.25[Montgomery Cty Will Book 3,170 and Will#5211]

Charlotte Righter may have died in early 1819, for in May of that year the division of the land among the sons was made by Joseph Price, Jonathan Jones, and William Staddleman with John Elliott, surveyor. Of Bartholomew's 32 acres, 103 perches, Rudolph received a lot of 7 acres, 79 perches, together with buildings;Joseph 2 lots, one of 6 acres, 60 perches and one of 10 acres, 80 perches, and William 2 lots, one of 9 3/4 acres, 8 perches, and one of 2 1/2 acres.[Montgomery Cty Deed Book 35,751 and 36,534:Releases]

The children of Bartholomew and Charlotte (___) Righter were:

Hannah Righter/Mary Righter/Rebecca Righter..she may have married Aaron Keech/Catharine Righter/Elizabeth Righter/William Righter/Rudolph Righter/Joseph Righter.