Bartholomew (Bartle, Barthol.) Righter was probably born shortly after 1700 in Roxborough Township, the son of Peter Righter, the emigrant. He learned the trade of cordwainer [shoemaker], and had sufficient education to be able to write his name in German Script. On 23 January 1728, he purchased from his father 3 acres of land on the road leading to Holgate's Ford on the Wissahickon Creek, now probably Hermit Lane, a corner of his father's 80 acre farm. On 23 April 1736, he and his wife Elizabeth sold this lot, including a messuage [dwelling house with its out buildings],which he may have built on it, to Jonh George Gager of Roxborough Township.(Deed Book I-13, 118). About two years later, on 4 January 1737/8, he purchased 250 acres of land from the Norris estate.(Deed Book G-1, 205) This tract was located in upper Roxborough, on both sides of the road from Plymouth to Philadelphia, now Ridge Road, extending north from approximately the present Port Roayl Avenue to the present Manatawna Avenue, and east from the present Hagy's Mill Road to the Township Line Road. He built his new home there, and lived there the rest of his short life.

As in the case of his father, no church records of his marriage, or of the baptism of his children have been found. He was interested in a school in the neighborhood for his growing family, and was appointed to serve as trustee of the first school mentioned in Chestnut Hill, when in 1745, John Johnson granted a lot for school purposes on Paul's Mill Road (now Wise's Mill Road), about 800 feet west of the Wissahickon Creek, near the Roxborough Township line. In August of 1744, he was appointed administration of his father's estate. On 19 August 1745, "being weak in body." he made his will, devising his plantation and personal property to his wife Elizabeth for her use for life or until she remarried. Should she remarry, her share was to be 50 pounds, and the estate was to be held in trust till the chilren came of age. The land was then to be divided among the four sons, and the daughter Elizabeth was to receive 100 pounds on reaching age 18. He named his wife executrix, with Daniel Barrindoll executor. He signed his name to this will in German script, "Bartol Reiter." [Will#30 1745] The will was proved 20 September 1745. The exact date of death and place of burial have not been determined.

At the June 1757 term of the Court of Common Please, Sheriff James Coultas was ordered, with the help of a jury of 12 men, to partition the land of Bartle Righter among his four sons. The partition was approved September, 1757.

The children of 2.Bartholomew and Elizabeth (----) Righter were: John Righter/Jacob Righter/Peter Righter/Bartle Righter/Elizabeth Righter

These are named in order as listed in Bartholomew's will, which may not have been the order of birth.