Bartholomew Righter, Jr., son of No.2 Bartholomew and Elizabeth Righter, seems always to have used Bartle as his m=name. His wife was named Charlotte. By occupation he was a blacksmith, and lived the greater part of his life in Lower Merion Township. He was born in Roxborough Township, and was a minor when his father died in 1745. When his father;s 250 acre farm was divided among the 4 sons in 1757, he inherited 66 1/4 acres, most of it on the westerly side of the Ridge Road, and at the southern end of the tract. On 8 March 1753, he sold 34 3/4 acres in 2 distinct lots, one with tenement to George Righter, probably his uncle, and the next day sold 7 acres, a tract on the easterly side of Ridge Road, for 49 pounds to his brother Peter. He probably sold all his Roxborough land before 1769, the year of the first tax assessor's list for the township, for Bartle's name was not in that list. No deed was found recorded for the sale of the remaining 24 1/2 acres. In the deeds for the sale of this land, no wife was named, so he probably married Charlotte after March 1763. Perhaps he lived with John when he first went to Lower Merion, for on the tax assessor's list of 1769, his name was entered with John's grist and saw mill. On 26 March 1773, he purchased for 235 pounds, 46 acres, 60 perches of land in Lower Merion Township, then Philadelphia County, from his brother John. This tract in the Mill Creek area was part of the 75 acres John had bought fron Hannah Harrison in 1763. Bartle's neighbor was Frederick Bicking, whose sons, Frederick and Joseph married John's daughters, Sarah and Jane. Most of this land Bartle held for the rest of his life, and on it probably had his blacksmith shop. Bartle's name was on the tax lists for Lower Merion Township in 1774 with 45 acres of land, 1 horse, 2 cattle, and 1780 his property had a valuarion of 1500 pounds. He was one of the heads of families listed in the 1790 census for Lower Merion, when his family included 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 5 females. This may indicate that 2 of his sons and 4 daughters were born before 1790. On 20 April 1792 Bartle and his wife Charlotte sold 13 acres, 21 perches of his land to Peter Bechtel. A note on this deed showed that John Johnson held a mortgage on the property.