Peter Righter had married, but no record of his wife's name has been found. There is no record of his connection with any church. His oldest daughter was evidently born in 1741, and he had four other daughters and two sons. When in 1748 William Levering granted land for a public school in Roxborough, Peter Righter was named as one of the seven trustees.

10 January 1776 Peter Righter made his will, and died within a few days, for the will was proved 20 January 1776. His grave has not been located. Perhaps it was in the plot on the Levering farm, given to the community as the Roxborough Burial Ground, but there is no gravestone there for him. By his will, he devised to his eldest son Peter two lots of land, one on the east side of the Schuylkill, between the river and the Ferry Road, and one of 5 acres on the west side of the river. He instructed Peter to buld a house on his land and provided that 100 pounds should be paid him when he did so. He gave Peter on half interest in his shad fishery. The reside of his lands, tenements and property he bequeathed to his younger son John. John was required to pay the money bequests to his oldest daughter Mary and his daughters Hannah, Rebecca, Sarah, and Margaret. He gave a case of drawers worth 8 pounds to Sarah and Margaret, and a large looking glass to Margaret. He named his son John and son-in-law Enoch Levering his executors. Since his was was not mentioned, it is probable she died before he did.