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Murray, Salt Lake, Utah



City/Town : Latitude: 40.6668916, Longitude: -111.8879909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Butcher, Melvin Lamar  8 Jun 1935Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I9898
2 Christopherson, Alan L.  5 Jan 1954Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8117
3 Ferguson, Vera Opal  17 May 1907Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I6361
4 Grow, Arva Jean  11 Nov 1928Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1267
5 Grow Allen, Shirlee  7 Apr 1939Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I13441
6 Jamison, Lynda Kay  9 Nov 1941Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8332
7 Jones, Franklin Pexton  29 Feb 1908Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1419
8 Jones, Milton Eugene  04 Aug 1911Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1421
9 Jones, Raymond Le Roy  23 Jun 1916Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1422
10 Jones, Shirley  18 Jun 1938Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I6207
11 Miller, Donnette  23 Jun 1913Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1420
12 Owen, Kenneth  Sep 1930Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I2858
13 Ridd, Douglas Glenn  28 Feb 1931Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1675
14 Schwan, Lawrence Nicholas  21 Nov 1906Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I6232
15 Scott, Ruby ReNae  02 Jun 1937Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1493
16 Storrer, Alisa  23 Sept 1963Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8198


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Albert Edmund  5 Oct 1994Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8360
2 Bennett, Olive Elaine  23 May 2011Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8705
3 Blackledge, Elizabeth Alice  06 Mar 1939Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I2862
4 Byington, Clista Zelda  11 Apr 2004Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I7652
5 Ferguson, Vera Opal  04 Jan 1996Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I6361
6 Grow, Ida Marie  06 Feb 1984Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I2210
7 Grow, Lawrence Henry  18 Jul 1965Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1201
8 Grow, Theodora Melva  17 Mar 1988Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I2221
9 Hancock, Ernest Maynard  29 Oct 1993Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1800
10 Jackson, Dorothy Evelyn  09 Feb 2003Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I5496
11 Jones, Milton Arthur Wheeler  21 Feb 1921Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1418
12 Jones, Shirley  25 Mar 2009Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I6207
13 Kelsch, Louis Alma Ludwig  16 Jul 1974Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8387
14 Miller, William Allen  11 Feb 1955Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8962
15 Owen, David Albert  11 Jun 1941Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I134
16 Owen, Wendell Jean  23 Jul 2013Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I2861
17 Pexton, James Dale  24 May 1949Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1409
18 Smurthwaite, Armand Tennyson  8 Aug 2012Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I12923
19 Thayne, Ruby Charlotte  10 Mar 1997Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1629
20 Webb, Joe Ann  13 May 2010Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I8128
21 Willey, Mary DeLena  03 Mar 2003Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I6206


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mecham, Frank Riggs  6 May 1999Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I4088