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Don Worthen

By Faye W. Worthen
Received from Charlotte Woten

by Faye S. Worthen

Come and stroll with me down memory lane
Let us reminiscence for awhile.
Let us count some of our blessings,
The things we think worthwhile

To be there on the mountain side
Working beneath the tall pine trees.
The clean fresh air helps to build a man,
Let’s him accept even the hard knocks with ease.

Don loved to work at his carpenter trade,
To start up home and see it grow.
To see what he could do with his own two hands,
That line he really did know.

With his hands he would try and do anything,
Something different was a challenge to try.
He’s study a moment, then pitch right in,
He’d do it well, you’d not hear him sigh.

He and Ana have been married for 30 short years,
Twenty years they have owned their present home.
He said they’s buy that big house so the kids could all come,
Never far from home would they roam.
Between he and Ana they had 13 children,
Eleven are still living today.
54 grandchildren they claim as their own
15 Great-grand was the last count they say.

He showed no favoritism among their kids,
Be it his, or hers or theirs.
He loved the simpler things in life
He never wished for riches or furs.

He helped each child in building or remodeling a home,
Any work started was finished with pride,
When a job was completed, he’d stand back and smile,
The pride he felt he just couldn’t hide.

One grandson said, “He always had time for us,”
Whether we had a problem or just wanted to chat,’
He never told us, He didn’t have time,
If we needed advice, He’d also give us that.

What a wonderful complement to any man,

He was a man that never complained.
If he didn’t feel good he’d say, “I’ll be fine tomorrow,”
Sure enough, he was up and at it again.

He loved to set in his big chair by the fire,
Usually there were 1 to 5 children there too,
He loved to tease & loved all little kids,
Everyone of his kids have a child named Don too.

His grandkids called him, Grandpa Don,
And Grandma just as well.
The love they have spoken of for both of them.
No greater tribute could I tell.

He always had time to help a neighbor,
Not always was it done for pay.
Especially was helpful to the widows near by
They couldn’t of done without him they say.

His true life was out in the mountains,
He loved to cook out under the sky so blue.
He loved to fish, hunt or haul loads of wood
‘Just say let’s go to the hills’ & he was the first to join you.

If one of his kids or grandkids got hurt,
He was the first one to go.
And he’d stay as long as he was needed
That’s one thing they all seemed to know.

Allie said, “It was such a security to know Don was there,
He always had a broad shoulder to lean on.”
His love for the Gospel was very strong.
Life will just not be the same without Don.

It’s no wonder his last trip was to the mountains,
When he found a few hours he could spend.
That’s where he was the happiest in life,
So no better place for it to end.

He’d not want you to grieve deeply,
I’m sure there are mountains and pines in heaven too.
He is probably sitting under one high on the ridge,
With the rest of his family, just waiting for you.

Born: July 16, 1912
Died: August 10, 1976

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