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My Life Story - In His Own Words Horace Isaac Grow

Received from Dean Grow

My Life Story:  I was born in Huntsville, Utah August 8th, 1877.  When I was two years old my folks moved to Marsh Valley, Idaho, now known as Downey.  Then in the spring they moved to Grays Lake, Idaho.  Father built a log house.  By July the horse flys were so bad that they nearly ate the horses and cows up so he traded his house for 250 lbs of flour and $1.50 in case.  We started for Beaver Canyon.  When we got to Eagle Rock (Idaho Falls) he had to give Jack Anderson the $1.50 to cross the Snake River on the toll bridge.  Then we went on up to Beaver Canyon.  We lived there three years.  I was six years old, I went to school one winter.  They just held school three months.  The next summer we went to Yellowstone Park, then to a place called Eight Mile.  It was 8 miles to Soda Springs, Wyoming.  (It's Idaho now)  Father worked in the timber making ties for the railroad.  While there my brothers, Jim and Dave had an experience with a grizzly bar.  Father was working about 1 1/2 miles from the camp.  Dave was riding the pony and Jim was walking carrying the double barrel shotgun. He was walking along kicking the dust and saying, "If I saw a bear I would shoot one barrel and put his eyes out and then i would shoot the other barrel and kill him."  Just then the pony snorted, they looked up and saw a grizzly bear standing in the road about one hundred yards ahead.  Dave turned the pony around and Jim caught hold of the pony's tail and away they went back up to where father was working. (I would like to finish the bear story as Dad told it to me.  When Uncle Dave turned the pony around and Uncle Jim caught its tail he kept up to the side of it carrying the gun.  Grandpa took the gun and went back and killed the bear.  Rosella Grow Adams.)

We finally landed in Huntsville again.  I went to school.  My teacher's name was Silvy Perry.  If my parents had stayed in Huntsville I would of got an education, for I liked to go to school.  We went back to Beaver Canyon.  We lived there four years, then we moved to Camas, Idaho, which is thirty miles north of Idaho Falls.  We lived at Camas about one year and four months.  In August 1887 I had typhoid fever for seven or eight weeks.  When I got up I was nothing but skin and bones and never grew for four years, then but very little.  In July 1888 we started for Cardston, Canada.  We stopped at Beaver Canyon for a month.  The reason we strayed there was because my brother Will had been hurt in the saw mill where he was working.  A muscle of his arm was sawed badly.  So we left Camas and went up to beaver where the feed was good for the stock and waited for his arm to heal before  we went on and he went with us.  We got to Cardson about the first of September.  We lived there for thirteen months then they sold the cows and started back to Camas.  We stayed there all winter then moved to Ammon, Idaho in the spring of 1890.   While we lived in Beaver Canyon, our main pleasure in winter was sleigh riding down the hill back of our home and skating on the creek.  In the summer, it was swimming and hunting with bow and arrow like the indians.  After we moved to Ammon, our sports were dancing and sleigh riding with a team of horses and a bob sleigh.

I was baptized in 1888, but the records were lost and I was re-baptized August 1, 1893.  i was thirteen years old when I first had a chance to work in the church.  I was ordained a Deacon and acted as President.  When I was 19 years old, I was ordained a Teacher on February 17, 1897.  In October I was ordained an Elder and on November 10th, 1897 I was ordained a Seventy.  On the 11th I started on a mission to Texas.  I was there nine months and took sick.  I was then released and came home which I regretted all my life.  I was home three months when i was called as a missionary to Weber Stake for five months in the interest of YMMIA.  I returend in March 1899.

I went to a dance in Iona with Jess and some of my boy friends and there I met Rosella Rounds.  When I first saw her I said to the others "There is my girl" Some weeks later I took her home from a dance.  Then about six months later when I took her home, I wanted to test her love for me.  I teased her until she got real angry then i asked her to marry me.  We decided to get married next spring.  We were married March 7th, 1900 in the Logan Temple.  Our first summer I worked with Father and we lived in a little log house.  I was glad that I marred a sweet girl who wasn't used to riches or she wouldn't have lived with me for forty-eight and one-half years in poverty except the last four or five years and then she suffered with heart trouble and diabetes.  But she was patient and never complained.  Wesley and Rosella were born in Iona but were blessed in Ammon as we belonged to that ward.  Grandma Rounds lived in Iona, so we went to live with her a few months before and after the babies were born.  Soon after we were married I bought forty acres of school land, where we lived until our fourth child was born.  then we sold it and bought a large brick house on the townsite, where our next three children were born.  Then we sold that and bought a place east of Ammon joining my dry farm that I homesteaded a few years before.  I built a new home on it and lived there a year.  Then we moved to Roberts in March of 1917, where we lived elevn years and our last three children were born.  Charles R. on 31st of July 1918, S. Victor July 11th 1921 and Lou Dean 7th of May 1924.  While here I served as Sunday School Superintendent four years and Bishop seven years.

In February 1928 we moved to Rupert, Idaho.  I rented a farm from Mr. Shillington.  The next spring I moved to the west side of town, then Bill, Wendell and I went to Oregon up south of Vail on the Maleur River and worked for a construction company.  In September we moved to Twin Falls where we lived for a year while I worked for the Maytag Washing Machine Company.

November, 1961 by Rosella May Grow Adams:

The folks moved to Nampa, Idaho in 1930.  The kids from George on down was educated there.  Dad held several Church offices and served on a Stake Mission during those years.  In 1948 they moved back to Twin Falls where mother died Oct. 27, 1948.  Dad visited around with the kids awhile after that, then went back to Nampa to live.  He worked on the 4th Ward church building, and for several winters went to Idaho Falls and worked in the Temple.  As he got older he wasn't able to go so often.

On his 79th birthday we had a family reunion at Amelia's place in Firth, Idaho.  Most of the Kids and their families were there.  On his 80th & 81st birthdays we went to Lou Dean's at McCall, Idaho for our reunions.  On his 82nd birthday we went to Alturas Lake, Idaho. All of his children but one were there and most of their families.  Saturday afternoon we had a big birthday dinner and in the evening we had a dance and program.  Nearly everyone took part.  Dad stepped a dance for us.  Aunt Effie Poulter, Dad's only living sister was there.  Sunday morning the family held Priesthood meeting and Sunday School.  Vic and Wendell took charge.  Wendell's Davis and George's Danny administered the sacrament, Great grandsons, Jim Pratt, John Drewry and Virgil Telford passed it.  Dad gave a short talk.  We were preparing for a reunion on his 83rd birthday, but on the 5th of August, 1960 he passed away at my home where he was visiting a few days.  His funeral was at Nampa, Idaho where he was buried in the Cloverdale Cemetery on the 9th of August 1960 by the side of Mother.  

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