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Almina Worthen

Notes by Charlotte Woten

Notes by Great-Niece Charlotte Woten
Aug. 18, 1995 Mom (Cora) and I went to Panguitch today to see Aunt Allie. While we were there I asked Aunt Allie if she know where the old Worthen Homestead was. She said she thought she could find it but was not positive, but should we go try. So we went for a ride. We tried lots of different roads but never found what she thought was her old home. We did find a cabin that she thought was the one that her sister Eva and her husband Joe Garcia lived in, and it was supposed to be about a mile below the old homestead.  I pulled up there and said I was going to look around but she beat me out of the truck, she said how do I get out of here and by the time I got around to open the door for her she was out. I walked around the back and heard mom say "Be careful you don't want to go up there those boards are too old." But Aunt Allie said there should be a treasure around there some place and proceeded to climb inside. While looking around we started reading the signatures carved on the door and found JOE WORTHEN JUNE 1 1932, One of her older brothers. What a find. When I was young Grandpa (Charles) would point out these buildings and say THAT'S WHERE THE OLD HOMESTEAD USED TO BE. I'm not positive but I think that we re did find what we were looking for. During the drive Aunt Allie told the following about her youth. Aunt  said there was a legend associated with the valley where her old home was located. Once upon a time there was a prospector who went into the surrounding hills and found a rich vein of gold. He brought a sample down to have assayed and decided to stay in his cabin until the following spring. But during the winter he died. And the gold has never been found.  She says but that didn't stop them from looking for it.
 (I remember Grandpa telling a story similar to this one about a prospector who had died of starvation during the winter and when he was found there was only one can of peas left in his home. Grandpa told me this story once when we stopped by a log cabin off the side of the road which was where this man was supposed to have died.)
Aunt Allie told us how her mother  would store her butter and cream near one of the nearby springs to stay cold until she had enough along with eggs to make a trip into town to trade for food and other items they needed.  She said that there were two springs by the home at that time but we only saw one. Also, that there was a big log that made up one side of the corral and how huge it seemed to her until one day her son took her there and that it was just a small little thing. Her brothers were meal little cusses when they were growing up, when they would stay at Panguitch Lake they would go into the BLACK ROCKS to the old Indian Burial Grounds (across from Panguitch Lake Lodge) that were carved into the lava rock 6 feet deep and just long enough for the body where they would tie a rope around her and lower her down into them to retrieve the TREASURES. She said they found a few beads but doesn't remember there being any bones around, after she had collected these her brothers would pull her up.  She was telling my mom how my Grandpa and his brothers used to be quite the drinkers. That one day he passed out on her lawn for half of the day and that when he came in the house how she slapped him and told him what a disgrace he was. Grandpa promised that he wouldn't have another drink and to her knowledge he never did. Mom said that she always wondered why he'd quit, that she knew something had happened but not what. Aunt  said that she always liked to think that he had lover her enough to keep his work, that maybe there was something else but after this she said that if he loved her enough  to keep his word she always tried to remember him on x-mas and his birthday. We had such a fun time exploring every track that we could see and hearing stories from the past some of which mom and I had never heard. We were talking about people saying "I'm not asleep I'm just resting my eyes."  Mom and I were talking about Grandma (Sarah) and Aunt Allie said that Great-Grandma (Laura) would say the same thing.  Aunt Allie thinks the reason they moved back into town was lack of water.  She said that she had buried her toy dishes in the creek bank and was almost positive they were still there, what a find if we could've found them.  Aunt Allie was always joking about being a Bionic Woman because she said she had had all of her body parts replace at least once some of them more than that. She told us as we were leaving to hurry back and not take so long in between so that we could go for another drive.  What a wonderful day!

2001 Orson and Grant took Aunt Allie for a ride to see the old homestead.  They found a piece of pottery and Aunt Allie was in seventh heaven just knowing this was a shard from her tea set she had buried so many years before. Scrapbook pictures are attached.

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