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Lucille Worthen - In My Own Words

My life began when I, Lucille Worthen (Tucker) McAllister, was born April 5, 1936 in the southern Utah town of Panguitch. As near as I can come up with I was born in the old Neilson home. I am in the middle of my seven brothers and sisters
     Grandmother Worthen was the midwife and the doctor was Willard Biglow, Mom, Dad and the family alternated with Aunt Lena's family depending on who was pregant  (My mother's only living sister) living up stairs and down stairs.
     They would change all their furniture except the stove and cupboards. This home was my mother's parent’s home; it is on Main Street and at the end of town on the way to Panguitch Lake. It is now an Antiques and Stuff store. Later Aunt Lena's family kept the big Neilson home and paid the back past few years taxes, and mom and dad took the lot and planned to build a home, but they traded the lot for one of Grandma and Grandpa Worthen's with Aunt Allie and Uncle George Frandsen. Mom and Dad built a home on the lot with lumber from dad working at the saw mill in Panguitch.  That was the home that Fern was born in. We also lived on Dixon Hill where Myrtle was born and was named after Myrtle Dixon. My sister Myrtle was born in 1938 and if you reverse this year to 1983, the year of her death. 
     My father, Joseph Cameron Worthen, was born February 12, 1902 at Panguitch. Dad was a very kind spoken man. I never can recall of him laying a hand on me. He did have his problem of drinking and he did have a "Worthen Temper."
     My mother, Aza Encora Neilson was born the 12th of June 1903 in Panguitch. My mother was tall and slender, not skinny. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes. A sweet soft spoken person. A character is said of her, she liked to joke and such. I only recall my mother really mad at me once and it was before I was 5, and living in Panguitch. One of my cousins or someone was having a birthday party and as I recall I wasn’t invited. So I decided to make my own party of goodies. I guess I made quite a mess of the kitchen and I knew it and hid under the bed. When mother came home she was mad and was trying to get me out from under the bed with a broom stick. She was a wonderful mother; she suffered an awful lot and passed away with cancer July 20, 1950. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple May 16, 1950.  My father passed away May 8, 1976 in St. Mark’s hospital after having several blood clots removed from his brain.  His garage door came down and hit him on the head is what started all of dad's illness.
    Recalling just a few good & bad times:
I went to elementary school at Tooele. Aunt Eva had a lot of grape vines and I recall stopping and picking some to eat on my way to school.  We, my brothers and sisters, all really enjoyed playing Aunt Eva's player piano when we went to visit. This was before Uncle Ray passed away and they lived in the big house. At this same home Joann and I used to play paper dolls and jacks on their front porch. We also lived in a big home across the street from the library, this house was torn down.
     We later moved to Garfield, Utah, the little smelter town west of Magna that is no more. I went to elementary for my 4th and 5th grade. Brockbank Jr. High when it first opened and 2 years at Cyprus High. I graduated from Jordon High at Sandy, as dad had remarried 4 years after mother passed away to Ida Josephine Cox and we moved to Midvale, Utah. I also graduated from Seminary at Jordon High.
       My grandmother, Laura Jane Cameron Worthen, was so good to us. She really set me good examples, and taught me many things. She answered many of my questions. She told me not to worry about some things as someday we'd understand.  I went to Magna with grandmother, Aunt Lena and Uncle Charlie many times and really enjoyed it.  
          I used to really enjoy going to Panguitch to be with my cousins, Laura Jean Frandsen, Shirley and Pauline Worthen. Shirley is the same age as me. Uncle Don and Aunt Blanche's family are the same ages to match all my brothers and sisters. My cousins and I would go to the horse races. Shirley worked in a cafe and came out with some tips as to place any bets on if we wanted.
         Grandmother used to cook a delicious breakfast of fried fish, hot biscuits, eggs, and mush with rich cream.
     Us girls went to a dance one night and had fun. But towards the end of the evening, one of my cousins asked me if the fellow I was dancing with was going to take me home.  I didn't want to spoil their fun and knowing they were going with their fellows, so I told a little fib and said yes....But what a scary price I paid for that fib. I thought I could get back to grandmothers home. But I'd walk down one dirt road and get kinda scared when a car would come along....I finally gave up and knocked on the door of a home on Main Street and they walked me to grandmothers.
     I recall a dirt cellar and going in it once with my cousins.
     When we lived in Garfield and Pauline was living with us she helped me, mainly her doing the work in making me a dress for my first date. Of all things...she made me hip pads to wear under my dress.  It was a yellow waffle material.
     Aunt Lena and Uncle Charlie lived up the street on the corner from us.  They were real good to us.
     My sisters and I laugh and tease about how I, in trying to get Fern to do her work once, I chased her into a water puddle, as she knew I wouldn't go in after her, and I didn't.  Gean in trying to even an already too short hair cut, I tried to bribe her with popsicles to get her to set still so I could make it look good. My younger brother Wallace used to borrow money from me and write me notes to offer me more money back and that he'd go to priesthood for a month or such if I would lend it to him.  I used to baby sit a lot and do a little house cleaning.
     The only incident I recall with Ken was when he was home on leave from the Navy and my cousins, Pauline and Laura Jean, were staying with us. Laura Gean and I wanted to go to the beach with Kenneth, Pauline and Jerry.  Dumb me and the evening was an experience.
     Four years after mother passed away Dad married Ida Josephine Cox. She was a good lady. She was taking care of David Johnson and C. Ann Johnson (we call her Ann but later she liked to be called Cris). So that gave us another brother and sister. We all blended well. 
     I married Lester Paul Tucker in 1955 we had a son Kerry Jack on December 15, 1956. We joined his father in Paris then lived in Toul, France when Jack was about 7 months old as he had joined the Army.
     Our second son Paul Bryan was born on the 24th of May 1959 in Toul, France. Paul has a French birth certificate, with an attached paper showing his parents are American Citizens. Where we lived about two years on the French economy, Jack, Paul and I had to stay in Toul for about 1 month after their father shipped out, which was quite a different experience as their father had orders to return to the states.  We returned on the Buckner ship on space available. We went over by plane.  We then lived in Columbus, Georgia for a year and a half.  When we returned to Utah I was expecting our third child so we stayed in Utah while their father continued on with his army orders to Okinawa. My father as so many times came to my rescue and we stayed with them until me and my 2 sons moved to an apartment next to my dear sister Fern in Murray, Utah.  Our third child, a daughter, Corla Jean (Jeanie) was born and my little angel, on the 17th of November 1961 and passed away while their father was in Okinawa at the early age of two months, on January 24, 1962.
     We were living in Murray when we were expecting our fourth child, Michael Kent (Mike). Jack and I were divorced in 1963, when Mike was just a baby. Shortly after we moved to Granger. This is where I mostly raised my 3 sons.  It hasn't been easy. I sure wouldn't want to do it again alone but I couldn't take mostly the drinking and not raising my family without the church.
     Grandmother also taught me that it wasn't good for you to get real mad or angry, as it is poison to your body. When grandmother was living with us in Garfield she was so good to us and really looked after us. She sure gave me a scare though one night as I came into the front room and reached in back of the front door just the same time as she did to turn the light on for me, and our hands met.  But I guess I am a big boob when it comes to being in the dark.
     Soon after Mike was born I went to Utah Technical College for a 9 month business course to support my 3 sons.  I worked at Primary Children's Hospital as Surgery Secretary for my first job. Califoam Corporation, Waterworks Equipment Company, Tates Inc. and then Salt Lake City County Health Department in the Vital Statistics Office.  But my job at the Granger High Seminary was the best. While here I was introduced to George Dale McAllister, we were married Jan 27, 1977, on Grandmother Worthen's birthday in the Salt Lake Temple. We had my daughter Jeanie sealed to us.
     Robert Dale became my new son with my new marriage. Him and Mike are just 6 months apart in age, and get along really super.
     December 3, 1977 Dale and I were blessed with our new son Steven George (Steve). He has been so precious and such a joy to our family.
     Our last special son,Jeffrey Alvin was born Sept. 2, 1981. Jeffrey was a Down syndrome baby and was born with a bad heart condition, he passed away after living only 12 days, he was born at LDS hospital and taken to Primary Children Hospital shortly after birth. 
    While we lived in Tooele I broke my right arm at the age of 5, my dad used to say I was playing Superman. After mom took me to 2 different doctors and poison had set in, they had to do an emergency operation. Jerry made me a bead bracelet to cover the scar. Also while living in Tooele us 4 girls, Wally and our  cousins Fay and Gay, all had Ring Worm in our hair. Contracted from the movie theater. Dad had to shave our hair all off. Us girls wore a scarf till we moved to Garfield and it grew out. Wally worked at the bowling alley and we enjoyed the treats he’d bring us. (Years later it was special as Wally used to cut our little guys hair.)
     We moved to Garfield where Dad, Jerry and his son, Jerry Lynn and Wally all worked at the Garfield Smelter. We had 2 different company homes in Garfield. Aunt Lena and Uncle Charlie lived up the street from our home.
      In the 6th grade I came down with Rheumatic Fever and had to have home teachers.
      When mom passed away, I recall how thoughtful it was that Aunt Ally and Uncle George bought us all new shoes. Us girls were all so young to loose our mother. Recall mom telling me to take small sweeps to keep the dust down. Also when washing the table off to go over it with a wet one and then go over it again. Also to check over your recipe you are making to make sure you didn't miss an ingredient: I recall the sound of scissors as she cut out to sew. I love to crochet as she did a lot of it.
     Grandmother stayed with us as much as she could. We must have gave her a few problems. She told us one time if we didn't take care of our clothes that one day we would find them in the tree in our front yard when we came home from school. Sure enough, we were so embarrassed as the school bus went by our home, and there the tree was loaded with our clothes.
  I recall saying to grandmother as we went shopping to Magna: "Look grandma it only cost 10cents" her reply was, "but the 10cents soon adds up." She enjoyed the wrestles, but it seems like she didn't sleep too well after.
     Grandmother told me when sewing on a button to go through the holes 7 times and fasten it 3 times. We have some wonderful memories growing up. Some sad, some fun.
     Myrtle enjoyed my roses we had. She sure made a good baloney sandwich, us girls enjoyed. She was a loving, caring sister.
     After I bought my new 72 Maverick I got brave in traveling and decided to take my 3 sons on what I called a gypsy trip.  One stop in Panguitch, We went to the cemetery to locate Grandmother Worthen's grave.  When we couldn’t locate it my son Paul, said to the caretaker, "Will you show us where my grandmother's grave is?" He asked her name and when I said, Laura Jane Worthen, he patted Paul on the head and said, "I sure can, when I was about your age she was my Sunday School or Primary teacher and she was the best story teller."
     Fern was always there for me as she was after I had a house fire in our Granger home, giving us a place to stay and clothes to wear.
     June 19, 1970 as I was working at Waterworks Equipment Company and closing time; I was making a phone call before going home.  Just about everyone had gone home.  The warehouse man came and told me I'd better get home as I had a house fire.  After he convinced me he wasn't joking I called to make sure my sons at the baby sitter were ok.  I hurried home to find the yard full of people and a smoking house.  The fire was out but left it water and smoke damaged.    Uncle George let us use a trailer that we put on dad and Ida's driveway. I had a new home built on the property. I was renting this home and after the fire they sold it to me for $100.00, that's right $100.00. Bishop Gordon Evans helped me with the title search. It took time, but ended up with a nice home at 3710 South 3200 West, now called West Valley.
     Being single at the time, Gean was good at doing a nice job on my hair, when I went to the church dance or Carpenters Hall or to the Terrace or such; her and Ron are special....
     It is funny as I look back at an incident when we were watching TV, Laurence Welk? came on and Ann turned the channel and I turned it back, she stuck her tongue out at me as she stood looking thru the glass in the outside door. We have laughed about it. We and some neighbors enjoyed sleeping outdoors. Ann and Charlie started Dale & I into Square Dancing, which we have enjoyed for years. We took our young son, Steven with us for; several years.
     David is always good at calling each of us on our birthdays. He won't let me live it down with me letting him sample a (hot) candy recipe, as he held out is hand. We all got along real good.
We bought a membership to Camperworld Campground about 19 years ago and enjoyed a lot of camping there and other places. We camped a lot at Echo Island at Coalville, Utah. They asked us about being managers there. So after a lot of thought and prayer, here we are. We have a furnished home here and have seen lots of deer, elk, moose, wild turkeys, cranes, a few skunks, fox, lamas, goats, sheep and various farm animals.
     We just had an Easter Egg Hunt here at the camp and our youngest grandson, five years old said awhile back, that was his favorite game, son Paul, said that Halloween was probably his next favorite game!!

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