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Daniel S. Grow

Newspaper Article about ex-wife

Grocer Unnerved When He Fins Victim Is Buxom Blonde

   Salt Lake City, Jan 30--Louis N. Page, a grocer, was awakened early today by a nose in his store, adjoining the family living quarters.  He telephoned police and then crept to the doorway that leads into the store, a pistol in his hand.
   Advancing from the front of the store was a stealthy figure,  its head and shoulders dimly visible in faint moonlight.
   "Stop!" Page called "Don't come any further or I'll shoot."
   He repeated his command twice more, but the figure continued to advance.  Page fire, then turned on the lights.
   On the floor lay the body of a blond, buxom, woman.
   Police identified her later as Eva Martha Holmes.  They went to her home and found a note, addressed to Daniel Grow, with whom neighbors said she had been living.
   "I hate you, you big louse." it said "...I ain't coming back.  Here is 10 cents for tobacco."  Beside the note was a dime.
   Grow appeared later and was arrested.  He said he and the woman had quarreled and he had been playing cards with friends all night.  
   Page was unnerved.  "If I'd known it was a woman I never would have fired."  he exclaims, as he paced the floor of his store.
   Police said Page was "clearly in the right."  He was justified in protecting his property, they said, and he had no way of knowing the burglar was a woman.

Ogden Standard Examiner 30 Jan 193

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