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Mary Moyer

Marcia Nelson

Mary Moyer was born April 28, 1817 in Germantown, Pennsylvania to Charles Moyer and Elizabeth Bird.

She married Henry Grow on January 24, 1834. Mary joined the L.D.S. Church in 1842 and with her husband Henry, moved to Nauvoo, where they lived in 1843-1846. They received their endowments and and were sealed to each other when the temple was finished in 1846.

They moved to Winter Quarters where she remained one winter and the next at Kimball's Barn. From there they went to Platte County, Missouri.

Mary and her family left Kansville, Iowa June 21, 1851 with 150 people and 100 wagons in James Cumming's Wagon Train. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley October 5, 1851 just two months before her baby daughter Ann was born.

Mary Moyer was noted as a self-sacrificing, devoted mother and wife. She had a quiet peaceful nature. She had seven children. Naturally she was a saint to lie and keep peace, for Henry Grow had seven other wives. Mary and the last one lived in the same house. She raised two granddaughters, Jane and Emma after their mother died. They were the girls of Charles Grow and Elizabeth Langlois.

People have told how she was noted as a peacemaker and she had been heard to talk in tongues.

She was small, jet black hair, parted in the middle, always straight and shiny. Her lips thin and tight, indicated she had learned to keep silent. One of the things she used to say to the children was, "Whistling girls and crowing hens, always come to some bad end." She was always dressed neatly in black clothes.

In her Patriarchel Blassing it tells how well pleased the Lord was with her for obeying the gospel and living a good life. Her sins were remitted forever. She is of the house of Manassa and entitled to every blessing she desire. Power and authority of the holy priesthood were hers in connection with her husband. She was promised faith to heal sick and power to overcome the destroyer in whatever shape he should make his appearance, so long as he faith didn't fail her, etc.

She passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah October 6, 1882 at the age of sixty-five. She is buried in the family lot in Salt Lake City.

(Some information received by Mary J. Grow Halls application to the DUP)

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