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Accident on the Farm

Posted to Ancestry.com by landerson952

Ralph's dad Evans, was called to be the bishop of the Lehi 1st Ward when Ralph was eleven. He served in that calling for nine years which put a lot of responsibility on Ralph and his brothers to keep the farm running.

One time they were hauling hay and they had one more load to get. Evans had to go to a funeral and left the boys to finish the job. Ralph was on their horse Queen and Blaine was going to drive the wagon. They were using three horses to pull the wagon and their horse Cherry was the derrick horse and was tied up to the right side of the team. (A derrick is a type of lever that was used like a crane to lift the hay onto the wagon. The derrick horse provided the muscle to run the derrick.) The reigns were tied on to the side of the wagon and when Blaine climbed onto the running gears, the team started moving before he could get to the reigns. He wasn’t too concerned because he figured they knew where they were going.

As the horses and wagon came around the garage, the wagon hit the corner separating the front part of the wagon from the back and the hayrack dropped down. When it dropped down Blaine dropped down far enough to get trapped under the wagon and above the running gears with no way to get out. When the horses started up again they took the whole thing with them with Blaine’s knees dragging on the ground and Cherry’s hooves right in Blaine’s face.

Ralph tried to stop the team with Queen but the back half of the wagon was blocking the way so he slid off Queen and was bulldogging the left side horse to try to stop it. Unfortunately, as they ran past the chicken coop it caught Ralph and knocked him out for a second. When he cleared his head, the team was heading out of the gate. The team was used to turning left because that was the way to the farm but Cherry made them turn right. (Their mother told them that the Lord did it.) When Ralph saw the team turn right, he hollered to Melvin to ride through the front yard and cut them off.

Thankfully, neighbor and his boy were out front of their house folding newspapers and they were able to stop the horses. Blaine looked terrible. It had taken the flesh on his knees off right down to the bone. Blaine walked around with crutches for a while after that.

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