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Ethan Bohman Grow History page 2


      The young family lived her for about five years before moving to Salt Lake City where they moved into a duplex at Dooley Court.  After a short period of time they purchased their first home on a cul-de-sac called Baddley Place.

     Economically, this was a difficult period and Ethan had many different jobs. One of his first jobs after arriving in Salt Lake was operating a service station.  He also sold shoes and sometimes parked cars all night for a nickel a car.  It was probably because of the need for a permanent occupation that he decided to become a carpenter.  His father had worked as a carpenter at various times in his life, as had his grandfather.  So even though he probably had some training from his father, most of the trade was learned on the job with whatever knowledge he could pick up from books.  He started as a carpenters-helper and worked his way through the ranks.

   One of his first personal projects was remodeling the house they lived in. The living room became the kitchen, the kitchen became the bedroom for the girls, and a bathroom was built where a large panty used to be.  During these years he also built a trailer which the family used for camping. One year they took it to Yellowstone Park for a vacation. Ethan was always busy trying to improve himself and doing whatever he could to made a good life for his family.

    In 1941 they bought their second house on Hyland Drive near 39th south. They had a large yard where a garden was planted.  They also kept chickens, rabbits, a pig, and a cow at various times.  Sadie keep trying to make a farmer out of Ethan, but it never really took.  This was during the second world war and a plant to build atom bombs was being built at Hanover, Washington.  Ethan went there to work on the construction of the plant and his family joined him when the girls were out of school for the summer.  They came back to Salt Lake for the next school year and also for the birth of the new daughter Vicki Lynn, born March 13, 1945.

    Ethan remodeled this house, on Hyland Drive, also.  A large new kitchen was built on the porch and once again the old kitchen became a bedroom.  His special wish was, though, to built a house completely, and so a lot was purchased on Lambourne Ave.  It was here that Ethan built his first house for his family.

    During these years he worked for various different Contractors and sometimes he worked at a Lumber Yard.  Ethan was always perfecting his trade.  He was now a finish carpenter (one who does the precision work) and was usually hired as the supervisor on many of the contruction jobs.


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