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Marvin Kemp History

Children of the Prophets: A Kemp Family History
Contributed By Gary Kemp · 4 November 2013 (page 146-147)

Marvin Kemp (by James F. Kemp (brother), April 22, 1995) Marvin Kemp was born 8 July, 1904, at Thatcher, Graham County, Arizona. He was the 14th child of Daniel Robert Kemp and Sarah Amanda Brimhall. In 1911 he moved with his family to San Diego, California, where he attended the city schools and the San Diego Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints which met on Tenth Street in the Hillcrest district of the city. The Kemp boys slept in a garagelike building they called “the Shack” at the rear of the property on Hayes Avenue. Marvin was a very fine athlete in his early life. In San Diego in elementary school he was the fastest runner in the area. Marvin did not care much for school and did not finish high school. He preferred to work and be on his own. Early on he worked driving a lumber truck delivering materials for builders, during this time he met and married Marie McHale. This marriage did not last very long and divorce followed. Some time later he met and married Ella Grow, a very nice person. Not very long after, Ella became very ill and died from serious complications. Having been associated with these builders, he and brother Omer got together and began laying hardwood flooring, this proved to be a very good job. Marvin worked as a carpenter and became a skilled layer of hardwood floors. It may be of interest to note that the pay scale for skilled floor men at that time was nine dollars per day. Marvin’s father Daniel Robert Kemp died following abdominal surgery in 1926. After Ella died he moved to Los Angeles where he shared a house with James and Rocky who were working and attending the University of Southern California. They were later joined by their mother Sarah Amanda Kemp who came from San Diego to keep house and cook for her boys. . In looking for a job he began working for the Fern Shoe Company. He worked in the heeling department. This company specialized in hand made women’s shoes. He became very professional at this trade. Here, later he met Ruby Edith Watson, who worked in the office section of the company. After about two years they were married. Some time later the company went out of business and they both retired and moved to Bellflower where they built several rental homes on the adjoining lot. These rentals were very suc- 147 cessful. Their son Richard Marvin was born on July 29, 1948. Marvin had always liked kids, so when “Ricky” arrived he was elated and lavished great affection upon him. He was a very tiny baby born prematurely and weighed just over two pounds. With care he survived. Marvin was interested in gunstock carving and made several beautiful stocks for several people and also did some wood carvings for the house. Handy with his hands he made and repaired many things. In November of 1975, Marvin developed lung cancer and passed away January 21,1976. Marvin was always kind to others and we saw them often during these years. Ruby died sometime later and was buried beside Marvin at Rose Hills. Marvin had not been too active in the Church, but in his later years he became quite active and assisted in the remodeling of an older commercial building in downtown Los Angeles so it could be used as an L.D. S. welfare center and cannery. Just before I started college in the Fall of 1930, I too worked for awhile at the Fern Shoe company. This helped me financially to prepare for which I shall always be grateful for Marvin’s help. Ricky and Sierra Kemp

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