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Conversation with Charles Dale Grow Sep 2011 age 93

Conversation with Charles Dale Grow Sept. 2011, age 93

Memories of dating Larene Kieth Scaddy, who was killed in the service, had a date w/ Larene and I watched him take her on a date.
 How did you feel about that? I didn’t go with any other girls. Not even one date. I was not a Romeo.
 In Ninth grade we had to put on a play and I had to sing to a girl...“As long as the vine goes around the stump I will be your sugar lump” I walked home with her twice. That was in the ninth grade.
 Larene liked to dance, so I took dancing lessons to see if I could improve. I wanted to impress her. Larene loved the Waltz.
 After they were married they joined square dancing.
 When I would take Larene home at night, she always had a news paper in her hands. I never got closer than the newspaper. I would give her a peck and that was it.
 Was this in Chicago? Chicago She loved to go to the stage show. Some of the ones I remember... 
Joe Brown -
 Harvey - The play w/ the Rabbit
 Life w/ Father - red headed family
 Oh they were good!
 Which plays did Larene perform in?
 All of the waitresses dressed so nice and so clean When I was on leave I would stop in Chicago at Ingaborg Frieburg’s place to stay ( Arnold Frieburg’s mother). Larene and Arlene lived in Ingaborg’s place. Ingaborg would say to Dale, “ Don’t go get an extra room, your place is here” 
Larene sent Dale a letter when she finished her schooling in Chicago. “I wish I would have never thrown that letter (from Larene) away. It said.....”I will be home in July and we will get married.”
 I was attending the U (University of Utah). In those days I got money from the Veteran Bill to go to school. I had been at the “U” one year then we got married and lived down there. (SLC)
 Rhea (Larene’s sister) found an apartment that needed a landlord and Larene and I managed those apartments.” 
How long? 1 year?
 I went to work for Grandpa Taylor digging a ditch. (Note: I believe he was in high school at the time and liked Dale very much.)
 After they were married Larene told Dale... “I would have married you quicker if it hadn’t been for my dad.”
 Her Dad would say, ‘Why don’t you marry that man?’
 “He kept telling me how good of guy you were. I made up my mind I wasn’t going to marry him if he kept saying that.”
 Larene was a teacher. When they were first married Larene was teaching Jr high, I don’t remember what she taught... out west. I was attending the U. She went into counseling at Weber High after the kids came.
 We went out selling ladies suits. 20th Century Sportswear was the name brand
. Coswayne (verify name) was the owner. A full time job. We both went until she got pregnant with Susan. If she wouldn’t go with me, we, (I) didn’t do a very good job of selling, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska were the areas we would sell too. We sold to places where girls worked. We had inventory in the car. We would make an appointment to go to their house to ....
 I got booked by the police for not having a sales license. I Was with a guy. (partner?) The night before, he told a girl that Mrs. Brown was his best customer. (this other guy - co worker - lied about his “best” customer and apparently word got out of his false claim and the police were called)
 The next day I was demonstrating and the police came up and asked, “Are you sure you are selling 20th Century Sportswear?”. They said... “you had better come with me”. (We went to the station) They were after the other guy. They told me to keep quiet or you will get yourself into more trouble. So I didn’t say anything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Questions and answers about getting booked... 
Do you think you were handled fairly? I think so. Some laws were different (between neighboring towns) but we never bothered with them. 
What were the Charges? Selling without a permit. Charged $50.00 each (for that offense) They had sold some suits that night so they had a little money. There was a guy in the courthouse that told him he wasn’t supposed to be selling in that town. The girl came in and wanted to bring his suit back??? 
Dad’s suit or the partner suit?
 Did you like to sell? When Larene was with me, yes.
 How long were you on the road? A month or two. 
How did you carry inventory? Special order clothes and swatches of materials for customers to choose from. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Your mother was so much fun. One time we hit a town in Colorado and we sold 3 suits in one house. 
Went back East to visit Jack and ...? relatives? 
Larene got sick ( I think she asked Dale if they could return home to Utah) so we Left Leavenworth, Kansas and traveled all night. Went through Colorado clear till daylight and found out later that she was pregnant. We stopped selling after that.
 The only one I got to be with (when babies arrived) was Susan. All the other (births) she would wait (at home) and she would say ‘just a minute... just a minute.’ I would take her (to the hospital) and sign her into the emergency and by the time I (finished signing in and) got back the baby had come.
 One time (on the way to the hospital for delivery) a policeman stopped us and I said, ‘ I guess you want to help us deliver a baby?’ and he said, ‘well you better go on’.
 When we had twins no one knew that she was going to have twins. After one was born the doctor was about to leave and the nurse said, ‘wait a minute doctor, there is another one’
. George (Larene’s father) died and they got a lady to live with Elizabeth (Larene’s mother) so Larene asked if she could help take care of her mother. Larene’s mother did not want to live with anyone but Larene in the house on Harrison. We took care of her for about 10 years.
 Others asked if Elizabeth would come and stay with them and Elizabeth would say ”No”.
 Donald was born when they moved up there (where? Harrison?) 
Grandma was alive when Donald was born.
 Larene was quite a lady.... No one like her. There was a birthday club in the 59th ward. They would come to church and start talking about the party and talk about it with all of the others around (others that were not invited) Bob Froerer was the bishop. He called late one night and asked me to go with him so he would have a witness. We went to the B-day club leaders home. Bishop told Mary to stop her birthday club and she had a fit.
 Some stories started from that (visit) and they would start talking (telling a different story) and bishop said ‘Now you see why I wanted you in with me?’ 
Did she stop the birthday club? It soon died out. 
There was a group of women that asked Larene to come to an outing once and so she went and Larene said, ‘Now ladies we shouldn’t gossip’. She was never invited again. Larene’s motto.... “If you don’t have anything good to say. Don’t say anything.”
 Dale talking about earlier years...his Father, Mother, Grandparents etc.....
 Grandpa Abbot (Tommy Marsh Abbot) was quite a man. If he didn’t like someone he did not like them.
 I ( someone, this is a discrepancy) was walking down the street with him one day and he said, ‘lets walk down the other side of the street I don’t like that man’.
 Tommy was well liked. He was the one that stood up in Sacrament meeting and said ‘this is not right!’ when they were making a girl stand up and confess a sin in sacrament meeting.
 Grandpa didn’t like that one bit.
 I was a baby when he died. 
Dale remembers Grandma Grow but not Grandma Abbott
 John wood arrived in Utah in 1851 as a baby and he met Katherine McKay (David O McKay’s aunt) and married her years later. 
Henry Grow arrived in Utah in 1851. He was born in Iowa.
 I only know stories about my Aunt and Uncles, I didn’t know them personally 
Dad had gone on his mission and he was at Utah State and Tommy Marsh did not like red heads. She was dating ........ 
About Dales Father Charles Issac Grow
 She (Dale’s mother Adelia) met dad at Utah state and then Dad lived in (Logan?) for about 2 years and then moved to Ogden.
 I recall moving.... My dad would ride the bike about 5 miles across town from Eden to Huntsville (for school?) on a bike. He would stand and peddle. He did not sit on the seat because Thayne (Dale’s brother) would ride on the seat. He was the principle of the school in Eden.
 Story of boxing......?
 Dad took that kid in the school. Dad had a temper. He was well liked.
 He was on the town board when they got the town water approved. 
We had a big boiler and ...... Dad would help Mother get the washing out before he would go to school. You didn’t hang the clothes dirty..... they had to be hung a certain way.
 Dad died in the flue epidemic of ( I think this was 1925 because dad was 7 when his dad died)? 
People around the valley (Eden, Utah) called dad Ike. he was well liked. People talked about him a lot more after he died. 
Mother was a meticulous house cleaner. Our clothes were always nice and pressed. There were no missing buttons. She was very meticulous. She was so clean with her food and stuff.
 The little boy next door was handicapped. His name was Lloyd Burls... he had down syndrome, and he would come over and talk with her. 
Mother would not tolerate teasing. She would say, ‘Dale don’t you ever make fun of a another kid’. And I never did.... I don’t think.
 Other kids wore holes in their clothes with knees sticking out, but not us. We had everything patched up. You could hardly tell where she patched it up.
 When she (my mother Adelia ) was a teen, the local doctor had her come to his home to take care of his kids while he went to Europe. Her brothers would call her “Delie” 
Food was all so clean Uhhh, so good, her potato rolls were made for special parties, Mother was known for her good cooking. 
The only time I ever saw mother upset was when Dad hadn’t gotten the .... cleaned. She would polish the pipe about every week. She used to scrub the floor and then wax it. 
Josephine ( Spittin Feenie) would come to the fence and she would not agree with her disciplining of the children. Need more on this story..... Boys would throw snow balls at the people coming up the road with the horse.

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